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Crypto Asset Management

Trust. Experience. Personal. Professional. launched a Crypto Asset Management service mid 2018 which helps innovative investors with their crypto investments. Our mission is to personally help our clients to invest in crypto assets. Every client has their own investment beliefs and preferences. While offering a tailored service that meets their needs, we aim to bring them the best possible service and result.

Analysing the Data

About The Investment Process

  • Setting investment guidelines: We s​tart by exploring the risk appetite of a client to set up the investment framework which sets the boundaries for management of a customised portfolio.

  • Identify developments: The market is dynamic and new narratives develop over time. We identify the most challenging developments, because solutions to these problems prove to be valuable over time.

  • Identify projects: We find the projects that show to be the best candidate for the narratives or developments we identified in the previous step.

  • Timing entries/exits: Since crypto investments tend to show a lot of volatility, timing of transactions will have a great impact on returns on investment. By means of quantitative analysis we aim to optimise entries and exits.

  • Optimising allocations: We monitor the market on a daily basis and adjust portfolio allocations in accordance to long term market regime changes. 



You invest outside AFM supervision. No license obligation for this activity.

  • Minimum required investment: EUR 100.000

  • Initial start up fee: EUR 975

  • Management fee: 2%​

  • Performance fee: 20% with High Water Mark

  • No termination fee

All fees are exclusive of VAT

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