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Why you should consider our consultancy services?

Marcel has been involved in financial markets for over 10 years where people value him for his quantitative and analytical mind, knowledge of products and markets (especially in the fixed income derivatives space) and for his continuous strive to innovate and automate business and processes. 
It's the combination of skills and experiences that he likes to offer to both sides of the industry; the conventional institutions who (have to) deal with digital assets (eventually), and digital asset native businesses. 
If you need help and you are looking for someone with knowledge of both the digital asset market and the conventional financial markets in terms of products and infrastructure, someone with a can-do mentality and someone who is looking to make a difference, please look no further and reach out to


Consultancy for financial institutions

Since Marcel has been involved in financial markets for over 10 years, you'll be happy to find him speak your language but he also knows his way in the world of digital assets. It's the mix of experiences and skills that serve him well to help you further:


- We can help to conduct an asset class study that helps the organisation to determine whether digital assets should be part of the investment universe.

- We help to enable digital asset trading and investing for institutional clients by setting up the institutional grade infrastructure; from the first trades to safeguarding the assets.

- We help financial institutions redefine their risk management framework as digital assets bring new kinds of risk that require adjustments of the

risk management procedures of the organisation.

Are you looking for something special, and you are wondering whether could be of service? We tailor our services to your needs.


Consultancy for digital asset businesses

Marcel worked as a market maker, portfolio manager, risk management consultant and quant and therefore he can be of great help on different topics regarding trading, asset management and risk management. 

- With experience in different front office roles, we can offer trading and quant services, but also improve, challenge or develop your front office tooling. We can help to set up your treasury or trading operation or improve the processes of these operations. 

- We can help visualise and monitor your market risk and ensure that all risks are being considered properly.

- We can help to design or improve the risk management operation.

- We can conduct quantitative research or market data analysis or help you build the right tooling using my financial engineering (or quant) background.

Each company has specific needs and we provide a tailored service to help you achieve your goals!


Overview Of Activity and Engagements

A few highlights of engagements and activities are listed below. If you think your business might benefit from any of the services, please reach out. If you like to speak for your business network, we are happy to facilitate.